• Amber Fino

What Are Lifestyle Portraits & Why They’re So Important?

You’ve probably heard the term “Lifestyle Photography” or “Lifestyle Session” when looking to hire a photographer or when looking at portraits online. Lifestyle imagery is the opposite of formal portraits. These photos tend to be more relaxed and not so “posed”. It’s not likely you will find many lifestyle portraits where everyone is looking straight at the camera.

The beauty of Lifestyle photography is that it captures images that tell more of a story about the subjects or events photographed. The whole idea behind lifestyle photography is similar to documentary or photojournalism , photography styles. All of these types of photography are meant to share real moments and real people interacting with each-other.

Lifestyle portrait sessions can be captured in a variety of scenarios. For most scenarios, these are best captured in-home. This allows people to be photographed in a setting where they feel most relaxed and natural thus allowing the photographer to get an inside look into what their typical day to day activities look like. Capturing images of them just being themselves and their lifestyle. Some people may cringe at the idea of having a portrait session in their home. Worried that nothing will look “perfect” or worried that their home isn’t “pretty” enough for pictures.

Think of it this way though: 20 years from now, how will you feel when you look back at your family portraits. Will you be looking at a perfectly posed portrait of fake smiles in a wildflower field or studio, or, will you be reminiscing over images of your family playing and laughing together inside your very first home together? This is true for couples too! Photos of the two of you in love and starting a life together in your first home will be much more meaningful now and in the future.

This is exactly why I love lifestyle sessions! They pack a much more powerful punch that will stand the test of time and share what that part of your life was actually like.

The session featured in today’s blog is also showcasing a first home where a lot of effort was put into remodeling and decorating. They will be able to reminisce over the hard work that was put into this beautiful home where many memories will be made!

I mean this place is gorgeously decorated and no it wasn’t decorated by a professional!

If your home doesn’t look as coordinated and put together as this one, don’t fret. Here’s a few tips to make sure you too can enjoy beautiful images of your real life right in your own home:

1.) Eliminate clutter as much as possible! - This can mean planning a cleaning day or shoot let’s be really truthful, for those of us that have littles and no time, shove it in a closet! Yup that’ll work too. It doesn’t have to be perfect but hiding the clutter makes all the difference!

2.) Coordinate simple outfits that express who you are without busy or distracting patterns.

3.) Think about lighting, Natural window light is best for creating a well lit natural look. If your home tends to be very dark throughout the day let your photographer know beforehand so they can plan accordingly.

4.) Basic cleaning the night before your session will be sufficient. Don’t stress it! Photographers can spot and avoid areas that will look distracting in photos.

5.) Have fun and remember it’s not your typical “Look at the camera and say cheese” kind of session! I want to capture your lifestyle and genuine interactions with each-other. So play, lounge, share a beverage or whatever your heart desires!

In-home lifestyle sessions make it easier to have photos taken of family members that are a little more difficult to travel with or venture outside with. Like a new baby, the family pet, and grandparents. The convenience of staying home also eliminates the element of surprise when it comes to the weather. Here in the Pacific Northwest we are all aware that we can experience all four seasons in one day, so it’s nice when we can schedule something indoors to guarantee a good environment for your session.

Your unique interests and lifestyle make the location options for your session limitless! If you and your fiancé love craft breweries than we can meet there and capture your favorite date spot. Maybe you love hiking or have a favorite beach you frequent.....maybe it’s right outside your front door....the skies the limit!

Lifestyle sessions capture real people being themselves in locations that are meaningful to them. This is my favorite style of photography for so many reasons but most of all for it’s genuine feel, natural look, and meaningful elements! Everyone should have at least one lifestyle session to capture images that don’t just look pretty but that also tell your story.

The family above welcomed their first baby girl to the family and these images not only showcase their new bundle of joy but how their whole family has been forever changed! I also love that their dogs joined in so naturally- they will always have images to remember them by.

All in all, lifestyle sessions rock, and I love capturing these everyday moments big and small!

©2020 by Amber Fino